Butter: A Rich History

By Elaine Khosrova

(Algonquin Books)

Butter explores the history of butter. That delicious staple we so often take for granted is not merely a stick tucked into our refrigerator door. It’s a culinary catalyst, an agent of change, a gastronomic linchpin. An award-winning food writer, former pastry chef, and CHNY member, Khosrova serves up an account that’s as rich, textured, and culturally relevant as butter itself. From the ancient butter bogs of Ireland to the sacred butter sculptures of Tibet, Butter is about so much more than food. Khosrova details its surprisingly vital role in history, politics, economics, nutrition, even spirituality and art. From its humble agrarian origins to its present-day artisanal glory, butter weaves a fascinating story, and Khosrova has traveled across three continents to tell it. She also includes the essential collection of carefully developed core butter recipes, from beurre manié and croissants to pâte brisée and the perfect buttercream frosting, and provides practical how-tos for making various types of butter at home. The book also lists a wide variety of recommended butters.

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