About CHNY

Culinary Historians of New York is a 501(c)(3) educational charity and was founded in 1985 to stimulate and share knowledge of the ways food has affected humans (and humans, food) since earliest times.

Membership in CHNY is open to the public and includes academics, writers, researchers, culinary practitioners, and, most importantly, the intellectually curious who enjoy learning about food, drink and their place in history. To learn more about our monthly public programs, please visit the CHNY Events Page.

In addition to NYFoodStory, CHNY supports scholarship in the field of culinary history through its annual Scholars’ Grants. For more information or to apply, please visit the CHNY Scholars’ Grant Page.

For information on membership, visit the CHNY Membership Page.

Culinary Historians of New York

  • Cathy Kaufman, Chair
  • Linda Pelaccio, Vice President and Grants
  • Julia Mucci, Treasurer and Membership Liaison
  • Carolyn Vaughan, Programming Co-Chair
  • Charity Robey, Programming Co-Chair
  • Nicole P. Stoner, Secretary
  • Donna Gelb, Public Relations
  • Renee Marton, Culinary Coordinator
  • James Edward Malin, Outreach

NYFoodstory: The Journal of the Culinary Historians of New York

  • Ari Ariel, Editor-in-Chief
  • James Edward Malin, Managing Editor